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اخر الاخبار
جرينتش+2 09:28

معاون العميد للشؤون الأدارية


د.حسن راجي
الأحد, 22 أيلول/سبتمبر 2013

1-Full name: Hassan Raji Jallab.


3-place of birth :Najaf-Iraq.

4-Date of birth:1962.

5-Marital status: Married.

6-Contact details:


(009647810405505): mobile

2-Degrees and Qualifications:

1-M.B., Ch .B. ,1990-1991 ,AL-Mosul Medical college.

2-J.U.H.T(PhD) ,in Family Medicine , Jordan.

3-Scientific and Academic positions :

1-Vice Dean in collage of medicine 2013.

2-Head of department of community Medicine.

3-Lecturer in Department of Community Medicine, college of Medicine, Al-Qadisiya university, Ministry of Higher Education and scientific Research ,Iraq ,2006-update.

4-Associations and societies :

1-Iraqi Medical Association since 1991.

2-Iraqi Teachers Association since 2003.

3-Iraqi community Medicine Association 1993.

5-Conferences :

1-College of Medicine , Al-Qadisia University ,2008 ,2011.

3.Annual conference in Amman about surveillance of Avian flu& Measles May 2006.

6-Research activities and publications:

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